ea-summer-bucket-listSummer is officially here! I love this season and all the extraordinary moments and opportunities it presents. There’s nothing quite like these long, hot, lazy, crazy days. I took a little time this week to put together my summer bucket list, something I think is great to have as a reference and goal sheet of sorts for a summer well-spent. Here’s to checking off everything on my list!

What’s on your summer bucket list?


baseball / book / sno-ball / cruiser / Mickey waffle maker / The Parent Trap / picnic basket / Cape Cod postcard

snowballIn my current job, I get just one full weekend off a month. So it’s super exciting when I have two full days with no obligations or necessary tasks on my schedule.

Saturday was the perfect day for some fresh air. The sun was finally out after more than a week of rain, so we decided to seize the day.

We stopped for snowballs, then headed to Magazine Street for a little shopping and sightseeing. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the least bit crowded and parking was a breeze!

poppy-ivyI love the homes and small businesses that you can find in the area. Some opulent, some more quaint – like this charming local shop front. Isn’t it pretty?

magnoliaThe landscape of the surrounding Uptown neighborhoods is one of the best. I spotted this beautiful southern Magnolia during our walk. As crazy as this may sound, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a Magnolia flower this close, and they bloom all around the city neighborhoods. I’m almost certain Louisiana has the best state flower in the south, but I may be biased.
pineapple-sand-spikeI left Magazine Street with just one small purchase – this pineapple sand spike, which I think will come in handy for upcoming beach trips. :)

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend and wishing you a great week!


photo via Camille Styles


Happy Friday! Here are ten things that made it on my happy list this week.

1. The new Disney x Jansport Collection. So many fun designs, and I can’t help but think, “how perfect for our trips to Walt Disney World?!”

2. Ruffled shorts in the prettiest color. Plus, they’re on sale!

3. Six 20-minute meals. I want to try the pasta with shrimp and basil and the chicken lettuce wraps – Mmm mm.

4. Ashley’s new Backyard Series. My own backyard is a project yet to be done, and I was so inspired by her recent backyard makeover – it’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see all the DIY’s she has lined up!

5. Caitlin’s look for Capri. Easy, comfortable, and so cute!

6. Jillian’s post on packing the perfect picnic. Love her tips for summer picnics!

7. Liz’s living room project. I love Liz’s bright and airy style, so I’m excited to see the decorating process for her living room.

8. Caitlin Wilson’s Summer Collection. Her pillows and home decor are some of my very favorite, and the new styles do not disappoint!

9. Camille’s Backyard BBQ with Target. LOVE!! This party is colorful, fun, and totally doable; and Camille gives the best tips for making it happen. You will enjoy every bit of this.

10. A new show Gilmore Girls fans may love. The first episode is on Amazon Prime, and I’m eager to see it. Do you think it will be as fun to watch as Gilmore Girls?

CoastalHappy Wednesday, friends! I cannot tell you how often I dream of Italy and taking a trip along the Amalfi Coast. My family is Italian, and for as long as I can remember I’ve had a desire to visit the country they once called home. While the Coast isn’t specifically home, I have much admired the color and beauty that lies within its region and plan to make my way there soon!

Its lively colors and grand landscape awaken a sense of excitement and adventure, and at the same time a sense of calm. What’s great is that even if you can’t be experiencing it firsthand right now, there is always a way to bring a part of Italy’s coast right where you are. So today, I’ve curated a few of my very favorite home decor pieces that bring the feeling of coastal life home. I love each of these pieces and their effortless style. That Gray Malin piece at the top right is gorgeous, isn’t it?

porcelain lidded jar / petite ginger jar / artwork / rug / pillow / book

 orchid / garden stool / rattan chair / striped ottoman