CoastalHappy Wednesday, friends! I cannot tell you how often I dream of Italy and taking a trip along the Amalfi Coast. My family is Italian, and for as long as I can remember I’ve had a desire to visit the country they once called home. While the Coast isn’t specifically home, I have much admired the color and beauty that lies within its region and plan to make my way there soon!

Its lively colors and grand landscape awaken a sense of excitement and adventure, and at the same time a sense of calm. What’s great is that even if you can’t be experiencing it firsthand right now, there is always a way to bring a part of Italy’s coast right where you are. So today, I’ve curated a few of my very favorite home decor pieces that bring the feeling of coastal life home. I love each of these pieces and their effortless style. That Gray Malin piece at the top right is gorgeous, isn’t it?

porcelain lidded jar / petite ginger jar / artwork / rug / pillow / book

 orchid / garden stool / rattan chair / striped ottoman

Southern Food & BevHi there! Welcome to Elizabeth Ashleigh, a lifestyle blog and brand located in Louisiana.

After taking a couple years away from blogging, I’m jumping back in! Blogging has been a creative outlet for me and a fun way to build community, so I’m excited for this next chapter.

Here I’ll share some of my favorite things and stories from everyday life on the topics of home, decor, style, food, and travel. Anything and everything in life that sparks joy (and we could always use a little more joy!). I’ll do my best to keep it fresh and fun, and I invite you to come along for the ride!

And with that, well… “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Thank you so much for stopping by! I’ll have another post up soon. :)

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