Eat, Drink, and Go Green :: St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Good morning, y’all! I am just getting back into the groove of things after a mini vacay to New Orleans (which I will post on shortly), but I thought I’d jump right in to the festive fun of St. Patrick’s Day with a few green treats that anyone (Irish or not) would be lucky to have!

1. Green Pancakes. Just add green food coloring to your favorite pancake batter, and you’ve got a green breakfast to start the day off right.

2. Shamrock Rice Krispies Treats. Who doesn’t enjoy Rice Krispies Treats?! So easy to make, too.

3. Lucky Charms Pancakes. Yes, another pancake recipe. I love pancakes that much, and these just look so good!

4. Leprechaun Lime Punch. Does it get more fitting than this? Wait ’til you see the recipe. Delicious!

What recipes are you planning to use for St. Patty’s Day? I’d love for you to share!

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